My dear friends Ryan and Tabitha Bailey recently sold their house and it’s a bittersweet thing. Many a weekend I spent in that house enjoying the best of times. One particular weekend I got a stomach bug and endured an evening of vomiting and hallucinations of Bailey in full chef’s attire stirring a giant cauldron of what I believed in my heart to be healing elixir. (Sadly, Chef Bailey was no more than a tree’s shadow cast onto the far wall.) The Bailey House was my muse, inspiring countless Instagram photos and two very odd videos.

Bailey’s Sink (September 2011)

Bailey’s Sink is the shakiest video I ever made. This can be blamed on two things: (1) shooting handheld with no camera support and (2) Spencer’s coffee.

Messin’ with Pippin (February 2013)

The second video features Pippin, the Baileys’ cat, eager to get inside. This was shot on my iPhone 4S (held horizontal, as it should be) and edited in Premiere CS6.

The Bailey House shall be missed.