I haven’t written a post since February, so here are some thoughts on the toilets at Narita International Airport.

I’ve often asserted that the Japanese do nearly everything better than any other society in the history of humanity, and their public toilet is no exception. Most of my apprehensions about public toilets (airport toilets, especially) lie in the three areas: cleanliness, privacy, and hygienic provisions.


Cleanliness: Toilets (Men) at Narita Airport is a tidy place: no stray bits of toilet tissue or stagnating urine pools on the floor. In fact, I have few qualms with setting my bag on the floor here, however within the stall a space is provided for your carry-on.


Privacy: If you can see them through the door crack, they can see you. Toilets (Men) stalls at Narita Airport possess no such gap.


The stall walls connect at the floor and there is minimal open space below the door.


Hygienic Provision: Toilet tissue is provided (and not John Wayne toilet paper), but who needs it when options abound? One can hardly beat the bidet / powerful deodorizer.


As Narita Airport is my usual transit point on trips to and from Southeast Asia (and beyond), Toilets (Men) is generally the last acceptable public toilet for some time and a most welcome facility after such time. Whether your visa is Tourist or Business, it’s a delightful place to do your business.