Striking and sundry coincidii seem to follow me around. They have for some time. So often do they occur that I started writing them down and have been keeping a record for well over a year. Sometimes, they’ll happen two or three times a week. Other times, only once a month. The most recent co-incidents happened on Monday.

Anticipation for the weekend and my Sunday ritual of Church, Coffee Times, and Cinemark was already high, so I opened the Cinemark app to see what would be showing. Forgetting that upcoming Sunday showtimes aren’t published until later in the week, the only film I found on their listings was Gigi, the 1958 Academy Award® winner for Best Picture. Resigned to check again on Friday, I went back to work.

Screenshot from the Cinemark app.
Screenshot from the Cinemark app

I’ve been a bit obsessed with Pink Floyd recently. Ever since receiving Dark Side of the Moon as a Christmas gift in 1997, I’ve been a casual fan, only getting Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd in 2005, Wish You Were Here in 2006, and The Wall just last month. During an exploration of their earlier work on Monday, I came across the 1969 record Ummagumma. Notice the album cover.

©1969 Harvest Records

And the icing on the cake…

Gigi’s Cupcakes on Richmond Road, Lexington, KY