Yangon, Myanmar.
Yangon, Myanmar

When I first got a Canon 5D Mark 2, I bought two lenses: the Zeiss 50mm (f/1.4) and the Canon 24-105mm (f/4.0). That was in 2010.  So I’ve been shooting with the 24-105 for a while now and have accumulated some mixed feelings over the years.  It’s a joy to shoot photos with outdoors in daylight, but as it’s an f/4, around nightfall one has to compensate for the speed by bumping up the ISO or slowing the shutter.  Fine if you like grain (I do) or have a steady hand (I drink a lot of coffee).  For video, it’s my go-to lens for b-roll footage in situations where I’ll need a variety of focal lengths in a short amount of time. However, to keep the desired shallow depth of field during the day, I have to throw on an ND filter which creates an obnoxious vignette at 24mm.  And maybe it’s just me, but I occasionally have a hard time finding focus on this lens (even with the overpriced Zacuto Z-Finder).

Canon 24-105mm.
Canon 24-105mm
Maggie enjoys some mohinga.
Maggie enjoys mohinga
Taxi driver.
Taxi driver
Shan Yoe Yar, a favorite place for Shan cuisine.
Shan Yoe Yar, a favorite place for Shan cuisine
Maggie's former office building.
Maggie’s former office building
Wardan Street.
Wardan Street

With Yangon’s minimal street lighting, it was really too dark for an f/4 lens to get the shots I wanted. That, and perhaps familiarity had bred enough contempt for my nice but hit-and-miss 24-105 that I wasn’t keen on shooting all that much. Sometimes it’s best to put the camera down and be where you are.

Christine, Maggie, Veronica.
Christine, Maggie, Veronica