Yangon, Myanmar.
Yangon, Myanmar

I broke one of the cardinal rules of avoiding food poisoning and ate mayonnaise in Southeast Asia, thus my five nights/five lenses plan went down the toilet. But I at least got to have fun with the 70-200 on Saturday.

Canon 70-200mm, f/2.8.
Canon 70-200mm, f/2.8

This is my favorite photography lens, and for video is second only to the Zeiss 50mm.

Apartment building
Family, near Shwedagon Pagoda.
Family, near Shwedagon Pagoda
Pagoda. (Taken from the window of a moving taxi, a testament to how amazingly fast this lens can be.)
Pagoda (Taken from the window of a moving taxi, a testament to how fast this lens can be.)
Man near Kandawgyi Lake.
Man, near Kandawgyi Lake
Maggie at Kandawgyi Lake.
Maggie at Kandawgyi Lake

A novice at Photoshop, I made an attempt at stitching four separate images of Kandawgyi Lake into a panorama.

Kandawgyi Lake.
Kandawgyi Lake

Myanmar is a beautiful and fascinating place, and I look forward to years of future visits.

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