Call it coincidence or providence. As I drove from Mom’s house in Owensboro to Lewisport 25 minutes away to make a zombie movie with my uncle Larry, the next episode of The Tim Ferriss Show on my queue was his interview with action/thriller director Robert Rodriguez. Rodriguez is such a fascinating and inspiring character, I arrived at Independence Bank Liberty Plaza Customer Appreciation Day fired up and eager to shoot.

The plan was simple: our protagonist, Banker Larry, flees a swarm of zombies, neutralizing them by flinging Independence Bank debit cards at them Gambit-style and arrives back at the bank unscathed. Easy enough.


Larry and I shot the ending first and then waited. And waited. Unfortunately, only a small number of folks responded to the zombie casting call. (Most of them were children so I should rather say it was a number of small folks.) Larry and I improvised a few shots featuring himself in the distance out of focus or back to the camera, and a nice lady gave us an appropriately off-putting zombie walk, but as the sun went down, we had to abandon the original idea.


Remembering Rodriguez’ insistence on living a creative life, I decided that, come what may, we’ll make something fun out of the evening’s festivities. And I believe we did.

Zombie Day (October 2015)