Yesterday at Kroger, a song on the radio brought me to a halt. I stood frozen by the ice cream thinking, waiting, straining to confirm what my subconscious might be recalling. Maggie thought I’d lost my mind. At the chorus, I knew I was finally on the verge of solving a mystery that had followed me around the better part of 28 years: the title of a song I heard on the radio riding south on rural Highway 69 in our Chevrolet Astro Van as a five-year-old kid in 1988.

As irony would have it, I had recently deleted Shazam from my phone, so I frantically looked for a quiet spot closer to the overhead speaker, noting what lyrics I could discern and doing a hasty online search. And I found it…

Jane Wiedlin’s “Rush Hour” from Fur reached #9 in the U.S., but after ’88 the song slipped off the charts and into relative obscurity. I never forgot the melody, but unfortunately my young ears had heard this chorus:

Oh you, Cindy. You got me in a Russia mood.

Makes for a rather futile Google search.

My hat’s off to Jane for making a melody that stuck with me nearly three decades. Long enough to grow up and find it again. A lovely reunion of music and lyrics. Closure.

Mystery solved.

featured image ©1988 EMI-Manhattan Records