I had to stop watching Netflix’ The Mist after the second episode.

One of our protagonists finds herself in the mall where many of the townspeople have congregated for shelter from said mist. There’s a radio that could be used to call for help but it’s in an office full of mist. Our protagonist and a brave fellow volunteer to attempt locating and using the radio. Once they reach the radio, the brave fellow seems to know more about what’s going on than he appears. He also carries a gun. These two factors in an of themselves do not constitute a threat. Perhaps he’s an undercover cop. Maybe he’s military. And he may indeed be a dubious government agent who in some way bears responsiblily for what’s going on. These are all possibilities. But thusfar there is no indication he’s a villain. So for reasons unknown, our protagonist destroys the radio and attacks the brave fellow, thus eliminating their only form of communication and source of information.

Her actions served only to move the plot in a certain direction, a direction I no longer care about because her actions were idiotic, illogical, and inconsistent with her character. She should be cast out into the mist.